Peter Downie's Favourite Links

Dynamic Drive- Javascript library as to not re-invent the wheel
Morgue File - Free photos
W3Schools is a place to learn a difficult language, with less struggle and less hours, they are not affliated with
The W3 control the Internet standards. Lead by the creator of the web, Tim Berners-Lee
Tom's Hardware Benchmarking and news on the latest hardware.
SlashDot - a community of nerds reporting information
Factory Direct - a store in Ontario that sells electronics cheaply
Tiger Direct - a store that sells electronics cheaply
NewEgg - a store that sells electronics cheaply
Source Forge - Open source projects
London Free Press - News source for London Ontario
Toronto Sun - News source for Toronto Ontario
Red Hot Pawn - Correspondence chess
Odesk - Make Money Online!
Virtual Worker - Make Money Online
Canadian Chess Club - Play chess
New York Times - News
Gas Buddy - Gas Prices Across Canada and The United States, Ontario Gas Prices
Forbes - Information for Business
Reuters - News
Canadian Press - News
Government of Canada
Canada's Criminal Code
100K+ Salary Ontario Public Employee's Salary Over One Hundred Thousand
Importing Duties By Mail Into Canada
Wall Street Journal - News [Paywalled :( ]
GuttenBerg Free Books that have expired copyrights
CAN/US Border - Wait Times
Canada Revenue Agency - Tax Information
Deal Extreme - Inexpensive Chinese Items
Khan Academy - Learn with Videos
Udacity Education courses by former Stanford University Teachers
Snopes - Site that helps you decide whether rumors are true
XS Cargo -Inexpensive Surplus Items
Spark Notes - The Ultimate Cliff Notes
World Bank - Research, Reducing Poverty
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Publish a book
ComFree - Sell or Buy Homes
Assist To Sell - Sell or Buy Homes
Youtube- watch videos, post videos
Rip Off Report Some company wronged you? Let the world know
Yelp - Find out what others think about a business
National Film Board of Canada - Watch Canadian made content